Now you can fish & get bait!

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Flexiable Flaps keep bait in - birds out!
When not in use the bait is secure. THe flexible flaps keep the bait in and the birds out and make it so easy to reach in and get your bait. 

The Blitz Lid Bait Bucket Lid is an invention of long-time fisherman and inventor Ken Langfelder. 

After years of fishing with old-time bucket Lids where you have to put down your rod, pull the lod off the bait bucket, then fet the bait, hook the bait, pick up your rod and finally start to fish - Ken had enough so he inveted the Blitz Lid!

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The Ultimate Bait Bucket Lid for Competitive Baiting 

Fastest way to get your bait
No lid lifting! Just reach in and grab your bait - the flexible flaps close behind you! 

Blitz Lid

You only need one hand!
Finally! You don't have to put down your pole and lift a lid to get your bait! Just hold your pole and reach in with the other hand!