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RToddS™ Engineering LLC 54 Ocean St., Palm Coast, Fl 32136 Ph: 386•589•4384 • Fax :724•647•0076
rtodds.eng@gmail.com • www.rtodds-eng.com



RToddS™ Engineering LLC was started in January of 2012. Over the course of my career I have worked as a carpenter, maintenance foreman, mechanical engineer and executive.   In the last 33 years have traveled all over the world solving bulk material handling problems, acquiring technology and starting foreign subsidiaries for Martin Engineering and their customers.  Now on my own, working out of my office in Palm Coast, Florida I provide practical problem solving solutions to the common problems of conveying bulk solids on conveyors.  I recommend the most appropriate solutions and do not represent or benefit from the sale of any manufacturer’s products.  I am known for getting at the root causes of problems and giving straight-forward opinions –whether you will like the answer or not.